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What Gun Does John Wick Use?

*What Gun Does John Wick Use? *

Short answer? To use the Baba Yaga’s own words: “...Lots of guns.”

You know that recurring dream where you confidently stroll into a luxury hotel filled with criminal masterminds to access a fully-stocked arsenal complete with an expert who “prescribes” the perfect weapon?

No? Must be just us...and Chad Stahelski. Clearly this director of the John Wick saga wanted to pack as many fan-favorite movie weapons into this all-action flick as possible--and succeeded.

Unlike the James Bond series, there is no one single iconic John Wick gun--though there are several that he uses more frequently.

This action-packed movie trilogy (soon to be continued with John Wick 4 in 2022) has more epic movie weapons then we have room to include here, but we’ll take a look at guns in John Wick that were some of the most talked about--and lethal.

The John Wick Handgun Lineup

John Wick Guns graphic 1

First in the lineup of John Wick pistols, the Heckler and Koch P30L with custom compensator is the John Wick handgun of choice for most of the first movie. It makes another appearance in the catalog of guns used in John Wick 3, but is only seen briefly in the Wick’s arsenal in Chapter 2.

The John Wick glock model favorite seems to be the G26. The Glock 26 is largely used as a backup in the first movie, then as a more prominent firearm choice in Chapter 2, outfitted with a TTI (Taran Tactical Innovations) Combat Carry Package.

Wick takes a quick detour to using a Glock 34 with TTI Combat Master Package after being disarmed of his spiffy new customized Glock 26 with the TTI Combat Carry Package. Other than several Glock 17’s taken from hitmen in flights, however, the G26 reappears most often (as a trusty backup), making it one of the more recurrent John Wick handguns in the series--so far.

It will be interesting to see whether we will get to see Keanu Reeves shooting baddies with the stock models, or perhaps there will be some slick upgrades to the John Wick glock choice in John Wick 4.

In the most recent series installment, the Glock 19 and Glock 19X are two of the few non-customized guns used in John Wick 3. The award for “most customized,” however, might have to go to the Remington 1875 Wick assembles in the antique weapons museum at the start of the film.

One of the least modern John Wick guns is this “franken-revolver” he skillfully pieces together with parts from other revolvers that allows him to load high .44-40 cartridges and take out an assassin.

By the end of the movie, the professional assassin packs double the punch as with his H&K P30L when the Sommelier gives him an STI 2011 Combat Master (a 24-round mag 1911) customized by Taran Tactical in 9mm major.

The John Wick Shotgun of Choice

The John Wick Benelli M4 package consists of a great deal of customization from Taran Tactical Innovations (TTI). In the final Continental shoot scene, we see Keanu Reeves shooting a highly-customized Benelli M2 Super 9--also courtesy of TTI.

Among the various types of guns in movies--and more specifically, John Wick guns--this one delivers some of the most bad guy-blasting satisfaction as Reeves handles the gas-powered shotgun with finesse.

The John Wick Rifle & Submachine Selection

John Wick Guns graphic 2

In movie one, Wick makes prolific use of a CA 415, which is, essentially, an American-made clone of the Heckler & Koch HK416.

Any John Wick gun index would be incomplete without mentioning the TTI TR-1 Ultralight. A variety of high-end pieces compiled by Taran Tactical make up what amounts to a specialized John Wick AR-15.

This John Wick rifle is the full tactical package with a BCM handguard, stock and pistol from BCM, plus Trijicon Low Power Variable Optics (LPVO) up to 6x magnification and RMR red dot for close-quarters fights.

Finally, of all the guns in John Wick, the SIG-Sauer MPX probably has some of the highest potential to make a cameo in John Wick 4. A modified stock version, the MPX Copperhead, and the MPX Carbine models all get screen time as we see both Halle Berry and Keanu Reeves shooting up Casablanca and the Continental with each one.

So, if you’re asking Siri or IMFDB to answer “What gun does John Wick use?” for the purpose of settling a debate or winning at a trivia game, you might find it difficult to narrow down an answer.

If you are just curious about how to make your fancy firearm hotel dreams a reality, hopefully you found some good ideas here.

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