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The Best Tactical Backpack for Shooters

Gun enthusiasts of all types are often on the move.

Whether heading out for a range day, hunting, competition, a weekend trip, field training, or just everyday carry, dedicated shooters need reliable ways to transport their precious guns and ammo.

For keeping ammo safe and dry from the elements in buildings and vehicles, you’ll likely want to invest in some high-quality ammo cases and storage options.

However, for range-day activities that require some legwork, or if you simply want an extremely agile way to carry your shooting essentials in any situation, a tactical backpack is a smart way to maximize your packing capacity.

What Is A Tactical Backpack and Who Needs One?

While the term “tactical backpack” is somewhat nuanced, a pack of this type is most recognizable by its material and design. Many tactical backpacks can double as an everyday carry (EDC), but they differ from the average urban backpack in several ways.

A good quality tactical backpack is made of a rugged, usually polyester-based material meant to withstand the elements.

Additionally, while the average pack or bag has a handful of large open compartments, a tactical backpack should sport copious amounts of pockets, pouches, and other stow-away features to keep a significant amount and variety of gear organized, protected, and easy to access.

For precisely this purpose, a tactical backpack is rarely seen without a MOLLE system somewhere on the frame. MOLLE (pronounced like the name “Molly”) is an acronym for Modular Lightweight Load-Carrying Equipment, and describes gear layered with rows and columns of webbing.

Tactical Backpack graphic 1

This webbing system--known as Pouch Attachment Ladder System (PALS)--allows MOLLE-compatible gear to be easily adapted to specific purposes. From looping a carabiner to attaching an entirely separate gear pouch, the MOLLE system adds infinite versatility to any tactical backpack kit.

Law enforcement officers, emergency personnel, active and ex-military, sport and leisure shooters, or simply anyone who likes to be well-prepared for survival scenarios can benefit from the multi-purpose applications of a tactical backpack.

Which Tactical Backpack Is Best Suited For Gun Enthusiasts?

While there are plenty of MOLLE-equipped packs that can offer on-the-go storage for range-day, the GPS Tactical Range Backpack by GSM Outdoors is clearly tailored to fit the specific needs of shooters everywhere.

General Features:

First, the general functionalities of this tactical backpack already put it alongside other top-performing products. The extensive triple-stitched MOLLE webbing across the front, as well as the straps of this pack, allow for endless customization possibilities.

Maintain easy access to essentials such as pens, utility knives, hiking poles, gloves, or first aid kits securely attached to the exterior. You can even attach a MOLLE-compatible buttstock pouch to effortlessly carry a rifle in a quick-retrieval position.

As we’ve discussed, any backpack bearing the name “tactical,” needs to be able to hold up under some severe treatment. Ideally, the fabric should be very difficult to tear, abrasion resistant, and water-repellent.

Tactical Backpack graphic 2

The GPS Tactical Range Backpack is made of 1000 denier polyester fabric, which is the "go to" for rugged outdoor gear--even for demanding applications like crash mats and landing pads.

A great tactical backpack should help you be prepared for the unexpected. Caught in a surprise rainstorm on range-day? Just deploy the waterproof rain cover that’s standard-issue on every pack.

Need to be ready for any overnight indoors or out at a moment's notice? The main top compartments can remain split in two or remove the divider for plenty of open space for things like freeze-dried meals and a change of clothes.

Or for a stint in the woods, any of the external pockets provide plenty of space for items like a water purification kit, battery bank, compass, signal kit, and fire starter.

Additional feature specs for this tactical backpack include:

  • Velcro patch zones
  • Padded hip & shoulder straps
  • Sternum strap
  • Dupont Teflon coating
  • YKK zippers
  • Key lanyard

Shooting-Specific Features:

Now this is where the GPS Tactical Range Backpack sets itself apart from the average tactical backpack: the range-readiness set-up.

No range? No problem. This tactical backpack is outfitted with everything you need to bring your own target practice setup anywhere. Built-in range stowage includes:

  • Elastic velcro bungees for rolled-up targets
  • Labeled Visual ID storage system with clearly marked spots for ear plugs, safety glasses, a flashlight and a rigid “small parts box”
  • Even a designated pouch for a stapler and tape!

Finally, and perhaps the most important aspect of this tactical backpack is the three separate removable pistol storage cases located in the lower half of the main compartment. Each padded pouch holds one pistol plus four magazines with a partition divider to keep everything separate and secure.

Tactical Backpack graphic 3

This section of the pack is surrounded by a honeycomb hard frame for structural integrity that prevents compression from top cargo on the pistol-holding pouches. As an added safety feature, this compartment sports lockable zippers, so you can prevent unwanted access.

Whether you’re heading to the range, or just want the peace of mind that you have a durable, agile way to bring your firearms with you while travelling, hiking, camping, backpacking, or cycling--or for for an emergency go-bag--a tactical backpack like the one by GPS is sure to thrill shooters of all types.

And, of course, when you need to refill all those nifty magazine pouches, we’ve got your ammo covered.

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