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5 Upgrades For Your Springfield XD

So, you got yourself a spiffy Springfield XD, and you’re wondering whether there are any modifications you can make to improve your experience? Look no further! We’ll discuss five different upgrades you can make to this firearm to customize it for you.


A trigger upgrade is a common modification to handguns. The decision to swap out a trigger must be weighed carefully, however, due to some legal gray area that comes with it.

Since most people purchase a Springfield XD for concealed carry--but more specifically self-defense purposes--the legal ramifications of any after-market change to a handgun have to be considered should you need to defend them in a court of law.

Should you be caught in a situation where you need to defend the use of your handgun in a confrontation, you should note that the prosecution will look into any handgun modifications when contesting a claim of self-defense. Choosing a factory option trigger is safer than opting to install one yourself after the fact.

5 Upgrades for Your Springfield XD graphic 1

Nevertheless, you may find that you prefer a shorter, more crisp trigger pull than the standard 5.5lbs one that comes on the stock version. It’s understandable as a heavier trigger pull results in less accuracy. Plenty of drop-in trigger replacement kits provide a lighter (3.5-4.5lbs) trigger pull with a fast reset and shortened overall trigger pull length.


Oftentimes, shooters find that the factory sights that come standard on a given firearm either wear out easily, or are simply not optimal for various lighting conditions. The good news is that there are plenty of sight modification options to choose from.

If you’re going to stick with classic iron sights for your Springfield XD, you might consider upgrading them to a more high-tech night sight option. Fiber optic sights work by using the surrounding light from street lamps or moonlight in order to light up. These are a lightweight and inexpensive way to improve your ironsight visibility, but will not work well should you find yourself in a situation in total darkness.

Alternatively, you could opt for tritium night sights for your Springfield XD. Tritium, a radioactive hydrogen isotope, makes these night sights self-illuminating. While they carry more of an up-front cost, the fact that they only begin to dim after their 12-year half-life mark makes them a smart, long-term investment in accuracy.

5 Upgrades for Your Springfield XD graphic 2

Finally, red dot sights could be your new best friend. Depending on the Springfield XD model you choose, fitting these sights may require milling of the slide (see below) or other adaptations to fit. Still, the fact that red dot sights have some of the most intuitive interaction with the way the human eye naturally focuses means this upgrade could greatly improve accuracy.


While a holster doesn’t upgrade the firearm itself, a good quality holster can be the difference between clean and sloppy carry or between smooth presentation and a dangerous discharge. The Fobus Yaqui Paddle Holster is your classic inside the waistband designed for lightweight all day carry.

If you’re a lucky lefty, this left-hand holster from Fobus might be your new favorite side-kick. Low-profile design with high-density polymer make this holster about as smooth and compact as they come.

If you like to keep your options open, both the MFT Minimalist and Glaco Walkabout 2.0 offer ambidextrous options. And you get your pick of material, with the former molded in a Kydex-style polymer while the Galco model comes in premium steerhide leather.

Mounted Light &/or Laser

Mounted lights and lasers are a popular type of modification for self-defense handguns. Mounted lights can help you better identify your target in low-to-no lighting conditions and serve to obscure the eyesight of an opponent.

Lasers are helpful for making sure that you shoot at what you intend to shoot. In this way, they can help improve accuracy in both daylight and dark conditions. However, red laser sights typically have an effective range of about 10 yards and green light lasers top off at about 25 yards.

5 Upgrades for Your Springfield XD graphic 3

It’s important to consider what kind of conditions you’re most likely going to need your weapon for when deciding whether lights, night sights, or a mounted laser is the right choice for your Springfield XD upgrade.

Milled Slide

Finally, a milled slide could achieve exactly the “level-up” look you’re going for. Some claim milled sliding is only done for “cool-factor.” While the visual effect is striking, having a milled slide on your Springfield XD can serve two important purposes:

One is grip. The added friction that a milled slide brings provides more grip for you to rack the slide. Especially should you find yourself in less-than-ideal gun-handling conditions (e.g. slick, sweaty, or worse - blood-covered), having plenty of traction to grip the slide could be life-saving.

Additionally, a milled slide is sometimes the only way to achieve a red dot mount or other frame modifications. If you have the option, check in advance whether the Springfield XD model you’re opting for can receive the optics kit of your choice before making the decision to buy.

Whether you decide to go with modified or stock, pistol or rifle, antique or brand-spanking-new, we’ll be here to help make sure you’ve got the ammo to go with it. Check out our supply of ammo for every type of shooter right here at AmmoPlanet.

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